Note: Not my real hair.

Hello, I’m Richard Axtell, welcome to my website!

Although I am a writer, I always find writing about myself to be the hardest thing to do. I’ve never thought of myself as being that interesting. Yet, here we are on my ‘About Me’ page, so I shall give you a small breakdown.

I write for children.  I’ve written picture books, novels for a range of ages, short stories for beginner readers, I’m currently dabbling in animation.

Most of my work you will find in the educational app, The Atlas Mission.

I also have a book coming out soon! A silly, book filled with jokes and adventure. Best enjoyed with a side of ice-cream.

I also work in the field of Words for Wellbeing. This is the use of words to promote healthy wellbeing and good mental health!

You can find out about what I am up to regarding that here:

Creative Bridges International Conference

Lapidus International – The words for wellbeing association

If you have any questions, contact me!