About Me

Note: Not my real hair.

A list of really cool facts about me:

  • I write stories for children (and sometimes for adults if they ask nicely)
  • I work for Lapidus International!
  • I once ate nothing but jelly for a week and survived (barely!)
  • I also work for 26 Characters!
  • My favourite colour is a dark blue – like the deep ocean or the night sky
  • I have a new favourite animal every week. This week it is the weasel.
  • I can make a decent lemon drizzle cake. I was once told it was ‘pretty tasty’
  • I can dance but I pretend I can’t so everyone around me feels better (shh, that’s a secret!)
  • When I was younger, I had an invisible friend called ‘Mind Man’. He is currently on tour with his rock band and has promised he will be back soon.
  • I have a Tyrannosaurus Rex on my desk. His name is Dawson. He has been with me for as long as I can remember.
Dawson says ‘Raaaaargh!’ which translates to: “Good day!”