To some, the word brings a shiver of discomfort down the spine.  Who wants to do marketing when there are so many other things going on?

I find this is particularly true with artistic-types and small businesses. Myself included.  You’re too busy doing to stop and tell anyone about it!

I’ve managed numerous social media accounts for companies on a range of different topics including WordPress Plugins, Business Conferencing, Counselling, Wilderness Survival Training, Therapeutic Writing, Musical Theatre and more. I set up and managed accounts on a range of platforms – you know the usual offenders: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube… and all of this has led me to the realisation that…

Anyone can do this.

I’m not trying to sell to you that I can run your social media for you. I can, but the best way to have a successful marketing strategy is to put the power into the hands of the people who know the product or service the best. You.

So I’m on a quest. A quest to help small businesses, writers, artists, entrepreneurs and more set up and run their own social media marketing strategy. I want to help them get their voice out into the world.


Let me know what you’re interested in by filling in the form below. I’m going to be running training events soon, and I want to be able to tailor them to help as many people as possible: