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Island Information
Quick desc: The most connected island to the mainland, Mardenforth is known for its trade, rich variety of cultures and fish-based beer. Is fish-based beer a good thing? The jury is still out.

Capital city: Mardania

Ruling Clan: River Clan

Points of interest:


A small fishing village where our adventurers first landed.

Notable NPCs: Rinder Cartone, Holly the Priestess, Shopkeeper, Tun Grotel (aka the beautiful blacksmith), the wives who run the Inn.

Notable memories: Fish beer, foot massage, the ‘mage fight’, everyone hates Dante, the ‘axe cleaning session’ and Beatrice has a ‘religious experience’.


More info to be added.


(aka ‘the tentacle mine full of grunkles)


Home of Owen Hansen.

Notable Memories: Chocolate Pain, Brain the wizard (is he everywhere?), the burning remains of Owen’s bookshop, Beer festival!, Dennis nearly died again.


Status: Visited

Island Information

Quick Desc: Also known as ‘the City Island’, this island is the power centre of the Syrenians. The Sun clan is the most powerful of the clans (also the richest) and all meetings of clan leaders take place on this island.

Capital city: Juniter

Ruling Clan: Sun Clan

Points of interest:


Split into 5 ‘rings’, this city takes up the whole island. Here are the rings you know of:

The Outer RingFull of docks, warehouses, whorehouses, poorer folk. Likelihood of being stabbed in this ring is surprisingly high.

The Commercial Ring – A nicer, richer ring above the outer ring. Here you can find markets, inns, shops, has a more ‘suburbs’ feel.

Administrative Ring – Here you will find office buildings, law buildings, upper-class parks and recreational areas, the Academy. Likelihood of being stabbed by a pen in this ring is surprisingly high.

Two rings above these? You don’t know! (Although a quick glance suggests rich + fancy)


A nice enough inn located in the commercial ring of the city. Run by a pleasant dwarf woman named Martha – but she doesn’t do mornings very well.

Notable memories: Dennis managing not to be triggered by Ravens.


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A well fancy academy, only visitors wearing an enchanted bracelet are allowed onto its grounds. This is where the adventurers first met: Administrator Ronin, a haughty elf who looks down on everyone, and also Professor Harrington – a gnome professor in the Religious History department.

Notable Memories: Dante getting VERY EXCITED by the library, Theodore offering Ronin his own wine, Beatrice destroying a set of curtains to make a cape and a staff.


Status: Current Location of the Party

Island Information

Quick Desc: The island of trees and nature. This island is an odd one – it never really fit into the clan system and has always been looked on with suspicion by the other islands. Known for its nature loving people, this island’s clan leaders answer to the 5 Druidic priestesses who are the actual leaders of the island.

Capital city: Arborn

Ruling Clan: Arborn Clan (although not really)

Points of interest:

The village in the trees

An overgrown village at the edge of the great forest. The party fought skeletons and an Ankheg here. They also met the teenage human Kentrin here for the first time.

Dennis also learnt a spell here BUT WHAT SPELL?

The Settlement of Tryke (the base of the Last Axe)

South of the island, this settlement used to be a logging community – one of the first, in fact, to be established on Arboretia. Now, it is a rough community of refugees and survivors of whatever has happened to the island. Surrounded by a black ring where the ground has been burnt to a crisp, this settlement dedicates itself to freeing people caught in the grasp of the Gartleby brothers who have seemingly taken over the island.

The party were forced to do a trial to prove their trust worthiness to this settlement. Facing off against a Fey of unknown origin, Theodore sacrificed his happy memories of his childhood to complete the bargain. Was it worth it?

Notable NPCs here:

  • High Priestess of the South: Mother Tiana, forest gnome – “She’s a c**t” – Dennis
  • Leader of the Last Axe – Idorn Hiltcari, forest gnome old friend of Beatrice.
  • Ned Crinsal, Dwarf engineer
  • Erwyn Copperscale – Dragonborn, leader of the settlement and the loggers who used to live there.
  • Kentrin – teenage human, slayer of skeletons (on horses!), expert rock rock player. “He’s my special boy,” – Dennis
  • Sister Jeannie – Forest gnome, Druid priestess in training. Not a werewolf (luckily!)

The Ruins of the Settlement of Lamper

Another settlement set up by the Last Axe – only survivor is Sister Jeanie after a Werewolf in the employ of the Gartleby brothers was sent in disguise as a refugee to kill everyone there. The party sliced off his head.

The Town of Krum

A town once ruled by three henchmen linked to the Gartleby brothers.

Now freed by the party – who are residing in the Gartlefort View Inn – once owned by their friend Juanchite who unfortunately perished because he had such a terrible character name.

The Gartlefort

An island fortress set up by the Gartleby brothers.

On entering, the party found the fort mostly destroyed – a short path leading downward deeper and deeper to an underground lake next to a Duergar city.

Here , they fought a monster called ‘TWVILIVEN’ – the twisted remains of one of the gartleby brothers.

There was also some armour with nipple holes in it. It was a whole thing.

Information known only to Beatrice

Note: All this information is about 150 years out of date

The Gartleby brothers began pressuring the Arborn clan to let them onto the island to begin logging. Under pressure from the other clans (after all, wood is a very important resource which is limited on some of the islands), the Arborn clan relented, letting the brothers set up small logging sites for heavily managed and restricted logging activities. The Druids did NOT like this. Realising what a gold mine this island was (the wood is far better quality than standard) the Gartleby brother’s influence spread. Their logging activities increased and thus began a (relatively peaceful) civil war on the Island of Arboretia – the Arborn Clan vs the Druids. When Beatrice left, it was all believed to be over. But something must have gone wrong…

The Five Priestesses of Arboretia

Arboretia is ruled by 5 high druidic priestesses, each who represent different elements. Each is located in a different city at 5 different locations across the islands. Here are the 5 cities:

The Great City of Arborn

Element: Moon

This city is where Beatrice grew up. Her mother, Faebe, was in training here to become the next Mother of the Moon, the central priestess who looks after the Great Tree in the centre of the island. Arguably, the most powerful of the priestesses.

This city is know to hold the Great Tree. This giant tree sits in the centre of the island – in fact, the rest of the island is its roots. It is the biggest tree in existence, the city actually curving around its trunk. It is believed that if this tree ever dies, it will take all of natural life with it.

The Northern City of Sylvaitia (Syl-vay-shia)

Element: Fire

Known as the ‘Silver City’, this city lies on the north of the island. The druids here are strong in the element of fire, and use this fire to promote new growth in the region. Strange silver-barked trees grow to the north and are said to produce wood that is stronger than steel. The Sylvaitians claimed the Gartleby Brothers never managed to break into their territory – but there were whispers that the Mother of Fire, High Priestess Illyia, was in league with them all along.

The Eastern City of Virgatia (Ver-jay-shia)

Element: Water

The main port of trade in Arboretia, here fish are plentiful and the plants grow high. The Druids here are strong in the element of water. Ships always find their way safely to port because the currents are so kind here. This was the first of the Druid cities to be hit by the Gartleby influence – believed to be infiltrated from the nearby town of Krum. This wooden city actually floats on the water, but never floods. No one knows how or why (well, someone probably does!)

The Southern City of Canvorn (Can-vorn)

Element: Earth

This city is carved out of the side of a cliff. Very difficult to gain entry to without permission, the city of Canvorn is full of strong believers in the way of the tree. Some might say they are cultish in behaviour, taking things too far. There have been whispers of strange things happening in Canvorn, even beyond the eye of the Moon Priestess, although nothing has ever been proven.

The Western City of Ramusia (Ray-mu-shia)

Element: Air

Ramusia, or the city of clouds, can disappear in into the wind. Or at least that is how the stories go. This city on the western boarders of Arboretia dedicates itself to the study of air, of constant change. The city itself reflects this – a combination of different cultures and styles. One could always find something new in Ramusia – and that was not always a good thing. The High Priestess here is the only role that changed every ten years, as opposed to being a life-long commitment.


When Beatrice last saw it, this town was in its infancy. Small. Brought to life by necessity of the increasing logging trade brought in by the brothers. This was a town of foreign labour and foreign rules. No real Arboretian would want to set foot here if they didn’t have to.


Status: Not Visited

Island Information

Quick Desc: A cold island, far off to the North. The people here have a reputation for being barbarians. Cruel. Violent. Their hearts are as cold as the landscape.

Capital city: The Iron City

Ruling Clan: Storm Clan

The Walled Island

Status: Not Visited

Island Information

Quick Desc: No one enters the Walled Island and comes back out. Run by the incredibly religious Lapis Clan, unbelievers are not welcome. Most obvious thing to mention: there’s a giant wall surrounding the island with only one gate to allow boats through. No one has seen the other side in hundreds of years.

Capital city: UNKNOWN

Ruling Clan: Lapis Clan


Status: Not Visited

Island Information

Quick Desc: A hive of scum and villainy. No, seriously. There are no laws on Nottoli. Prisoners regularly flee here. Survival of the fittest is how you survive on this island although only fools dare to…


Ruling Clan: Gratis Clan

Remaining islands coming soon…