Lapidus International – The Words for Wellbeing Association

I’ve worked for Lapidus International for about a year now, and it has been quite the adventure!

But what is Lapidus International? What is words for wellbeing? What does any of this mean?

Words for wellbeing, at its core, is using words, either spoken or written, to promote healthy wellbeing, positive mental health and generally do good!

Lapidus International is an association which helps connect words for wellbeing practitioners together – all over the world! People who work with words for wellbeing come from a range of fields. We have teachers, counsellors, therapists, writers, artists, health workers and more in our ranks. We are gathering more members every day.

The power of words in undeniable. The members of Lapidus International are determined to use that power to help others. I’m really happy to be a part of this movement and the work that they are doing.

Find out more about Lapidus International, and what it is up to, on their website right here.