A brilliant and prolific writer

Stay positive!

By Richard Axtell

Writer’s block. It got me. Again.
I’m a bit fed up with the whole thing, to be totally honest. The block has become a familiar feeling – staring at the keyboard or the pen in my hand, a blank fuzz in my brain. Nothing appears. No words. Just fuzz. Fuzz and a gnawing feeling that I shouldn’t be doing this, that I doing something wrong, living my life incorrectly.
This time, I have decided to take action. I am reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This book is a 12-week program for artists to help them work through the block that is stopping them from writing. Each week has a different set of activities and a different purpose.
Week 1, for example, is all about ‘recovering a sense of safety’. Week 2, recovering a sense of identity, and so on. Each chapter tackles a different aspect of the creative block and Cameron promises that by the end you will not only be unblocked but you will enjoy doing the art of your choice again.
A pretty bold promise!

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way

How is it working so far?

I am still on Week 1. I only have 1 more day of this week. So far I have started every day with a set of ‘morning pages’ – a freewrite on a piece of a paper which you finish with positive affirmations and then put away. I have looked back through my life and identified ‘bad guys’ who might have shaped my negative attitude towards my art. I have also identified my ‘champions’ – people in my life who have supported me as an artist. I have written a lot of positive affirmations. So many. Mountains of positivity have been piled on my head.

The positive affirmations, actually, might be the hardest part. You feel a bit of a fool writing ‘I, Richard Axtell, am a brilliant and prolific writer’ 10 times in a row every day. I am not one for complimenting myself and every positive affirmation was accompanied initially with an eye roll. But here on day 6 I am starting to see the positive outcomes of these statements. I am more willing to experiment with my words. I am more willing to give myself space to write.

Also, I think the biggest proof that something might be happening is that I am here writing this blog post! Look at all these words!

What’s next?

Week 2 is next. Then Week 3, then Week 4… I am not going to stop. If there has been this much improvement after Week 1 something is clearly working.

I’m on my way. The Artist’s Way. Hopefully when I reach the end, I can say goodbye to this block for good.

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