Character Profile: Dr Frederick Littledown

Name: Dr Frederick Littledown MD

Age: 32

Profession: Parabiologist

Class: Eldritch Scholar

Drive: to understand the inner workings of supernatural creatures

Game System: Liminal


  • Always prepared: “Ah, I have just what you need…”, Frederick always seems to have simple items ready to hand.
  • Healer: As a medical professional, Frederick is twice as effective at healing himself and his comrades.
  • Rich: Any problem can be solved by throwing a little money at it. Right?
  • Fight on!: Ever the stubborn one, attacks sometimes do less damage to Frederick.


Frederick Littledown (not Freddy, or Fred, please) was an ambitious medical student. At medical school, he was surprised one day when a cadaver he was dissecting sat up and started screaming. Unable to figure out why or how this happened, and the hospital he was studying at staying very tight-lipped on the subject, Frederick began researching more and more into the strange and unknown.

It wasn’t, it turned out, the first time this kind of thing had happened. There were also a lot stranger things happening in hospitals all over the country.

Frederick passed his medical school exams (obviously) and got his licence to practice medicine, but he also gained a reputation for seeking out ‘the weird ones’. The unexplainable cases. The ones that stay with you for years afterwards. His research led him to discover a hidden world, just beyond our own – one filled with vampires and werewolves and a thousand other impossible things which defied science and nature and everything he had been taught.

He couldn’t stop there, could he? Not when there was so much more to learn.

Never without his trusty tablet (his handwriting is so bad, even he cannot read it), Dr Littledown is now part of the Misfits Investigation Agency. He works alongside P-Division, the paranormal branch of the police, to look into cases which are strange and unusual.

Who knows what new mysteries he will uncover in the future?