I am an anxious ball of anxiety right now. Not a small ball either, like a golf ball or a tennis ball. Not even a football, or volleyball, or even a beachball. No, I am a GIANT ball of anxiety. Think the moon times a million. Think the sun’s big brother, Kyle.

Why am I so anxious?

Because people are reading my book. My family have sent me pictures of the copies they have bought. My friends have sent me pictures of themselves reading it. Reviews are beginning to appear on the shop pages.

I can no longer lie to myself. It is official: I have a book out. People are going to read it. They are going to form opinions. They are going to spill their drinks on the covers. They are going to leave crumbs between the pages. While they do that, they are going to think about the words I chose to write.

Meanwhile, I will sit here and wonder if I made the right choices in the book.

Should I have called the main character Jason and not LORD MICHAEL SQUIBBLE OF HAVINGSHIRE, like I originally intended?

Should I have set the book in space and made the characters squid?

Why did I give all my characters hair? Do people have hair? Is hair a thing? WHAT IS HAIR?

More words. More books. More thoughts being thunk! (Think-ted? Thought? Thinkled?)


So what am I going to do, on the day my second book has come out?

I am going to start with a deep breath.

*Deep breath* Ahhhhhhhhh.

I am overthinking things. I am just going to sit back, have a cup of tea, and hope that everyone enjoys reading my books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

(Maybe my next book should be about hairy space squids?)

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Trapped book 2 cover
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