Feeling wild about butterflies

I’m part of a new 26 project called 26 Wild!

What am I doing in this project?

Well, I’ve written a piece (centena and essay) about an endangered butterfly called the pearl-bordered fritillary.

I’m also an editor of a few of the other pieces and I made the website for the project which publishes a new piece every month,

In my piece, I compare my butterfly to an out-of-date 70’s rock star who can’t find a venue for their new 2020 tour. All the venues they knew and loved are gone.

It’s a reference to how humans have destroyed the butterfly’s habitat so much since the 70’s that the butterfly population has dropped by almost 90%. You can only find this little beauties in a few scattered places around the UK now.

Makes you think.

A lot of these pieces will have that effect on you. Making the website, I was blown away by just HOW MANY endangered species there are, JUST IN THE UK!!!


Go check out the website: