The Cloud Collector

If you’ve never spotted a Cumulus cloud , then you ought to get out more.

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, The Cloud Collector’s Handbook

Yesterday, I bought a copy of The Cloud Collector’s Handbook. Its a book made by The Cloud Appreciation Society.

I came to the realisation that I spend a lot of time looking up at the sky and not having a clue of what I was looking at. Every day I have conversations about the weather, I check the weather on my phone, I grumble or rejoice based on the results. It’s finally sunk into my brain – why don’t I learn a bit about what is going on up there?

Cloud Collecting 101

Enter the new book. It’s simple really – the book details different types of clouds and varieties of those clouds. You are encouraged to look up, figure out what is in the sky, snap a photo and award yourself points according to what you can see.

The most difficult part is remembering the names of all the different clouds!

Today, I looked out of the window and saw a Stratocumulus floating above my head.

Now, this cloud is quite common, so doesn’t bring in the high points (10 points, to be exact). In fact, the book states that this cloud is:

The most widespread of all cloud types, Stratocumulus is a low layer or patch of cloud that had a well-defined, clumpy base.

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, The Cloud Collector’s Handbook

It isn’t a big win, but just being about to look up and identify what is up there felt great!

Like Pokemon Go… but with clouds

Although the collection isn’t ‘real’, by learning the difference between a Cumulus and a Nimbostratus, I feel a greater connection to the world around me.

Even better, the book is small enough to carry around in your pocket!

So, here I am. Richard Axtell, rookie cloud collector! I look forward to the adventures I will go on in my hunt for new and interesting clouds.

Cloud Collector Richard, ready to roll!