Demands of writing

Writing is fun. We’re all having fun, right?


Ever since I have started referring to myself as a professional writer, there has been a weird effect.

I have this need to write every day.

I start the day like this, ready for the fun:

But occasionally, life gets in the way. Or other jobs get in the way. Or I’m just not feeling it. Or the stars aren’t aligned properly for the creative juices to flow as they should. On those days, the days I don’t get any writing done, I end the day like this:

Now, I am not a failure if I do not write. I am still me. I can write again tomorrow.

But a professional writer should write every day!

At least, that’s apparently what I feel.

If you feel the same way, I suggest the following actions be taken:

1. Look at yourself in the mirror.

2. Say “you are amazing, beautiful and can do anything.”

3. Smile and go have fun.

Because after all, writing is fun. Let’s not let it get us down!