Spring Cleaning

There’s a nickname my mum likes to call me occasionally.

That name is ‘Half-a-job Axtell‘.

I didn’t think much of the name until last week. I reached the end of the latest book in my upcoming series (news about that soon!) and took a good hard look at my desk.

And you know what? My mum might be onto something.

My desk was covered in:

  • Half written notes
  • Half written poems
  • Half a cup of tea
  • Half a biscuit
  • The open case of a half-played game
  • Half a pair of socks (not sure where the other one is)
  • Half a pencil
  • Half a deck of cards
  • Half drawn sketch of half a potted plant.
  • Half of my life savings (although half of nothing is still nothing)

Not only was it covered in half-complete things – it was a mess!

The brave writer delves into the murky depths of his desk!

So, before I begin book three of my series (news coming soon!) I am going to do some serious spring cleaning. Everything is going to be cleaned completely.

I will complete this whole book with a whole clean office.

Mum will have to come up with a new nickname for me.

I suggest ‘Brilliant Son’.

Which brings me to the main point of this blog post. I’ve recently decided that-

Oh, wait. What was I going to write about? I got half-way through this post and wandered off!