Song… writer?

I remember back when I was a spotty teen with ambitions of being a rock star (or a stone star… or even a pebble star, I wasn’t fussy). There was one big hurdle that stopped me on my path to GLORY…

I couldn’t write songs. I was terrible at it.

Maybe I hadn’t experienced enough heart-break, maybe it’s because I hadn’t lived (!!!). Either way, when I came to writing songs, they just weren’t that great.

When I was asked to write a song for work – specifically a song about washing hands for young kids – I went into a bit of a mild panic.

There was a lot of frantic running around the house. I got piles of scrap paper and wrote lyrics again and again and again.

What rhymes with clean? Spleen? How can I get spleen into a song about washing hands?!

- Me after my third cup of panic-tea

Anyway, I ended up writing two songs.

I have just listened to the fully recorded and produced second song. Turns out, pressure is a fantastic motivator. That song will be added to the game I helped write: SUPER IRIS BEATS CORONAVIRUS.

I thought it might be fun to throw the first song idea up on this website for all to hear. It doesn’t really say anything about how to wash hands, which is why it was rejected. But the song was still a lot of fun to write. Enjoy!

(I apologise for my bad singing and ukulele playing)

My weary instrument