I’m on Stage!

Throughout my childhood, I did a lot of musical theatre performances. The last show I did was in 2015 and then I decided to take a break to focus on life/career/baking.

But now…

(Note: people get angry if you enter rooms like this)

This week marks the first set of performances of Betty Blue Eyes in Abergavenny. Since November my wife and I have been rehearsing for this comedy musical set in the 1940’s. It’s about rationing, it’s about class, it’s about… a pig!

It’s both fantastic and terrifying to be back on stage, singing and dancing. Especially when I have to do it all in a northern accent (can I do it without sounding offensive? You’ll have to come along and find out!).

Here are some teaser images to spice things up:

The fabulous Julie and myself in costume for the dress rehearsal.
The first time I got to try on my butcher’s boater (nailed it)