It’s on!

It’s on like Donkey Kong (who I assume is… you know…on).

I’ve begun making my game jam interactive fiction game and all I can say is that I really should have prepared better.

I’ve already used up 500 words of my 1000 word limit. I’m constantly questioning myself (what do I want to achieve in this game? Have I set about it the right way?). I am also very, very aware of how little time I have until the deadline of the 16th December.

Where has November gone? Didn’t it start a few days ago?

Massive headache-inducing stress aside, I’m having a good time. That, ultimately, is always my goal. Also, if I keep working at this, I might end up with something that resembles a game (or at least bunch of words with links).

My next step is sitting back, seeing what I have done so far and trying to make sense of it in a mini-game design document (you know, that thing I should have done right at the start).

I’m also keeping myself on track with the ‘Habitica‘ app. It’s a fun little task management system that plays like an RPG. Hopefully using this, along with frantic periods of sweating, typing and cursing my laptop, I will manage to hit the deadline of this jam easily.


tiny whimper

Fingers crossed! Back to work!


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