Taking a little break from Harvest Moon DS, I’ve decided to give up on my life as a game designer and become a dragon. I have come to this very real and very serious decision after playing Hungry Dragons on my phone.

I’ve always thought I’d make a pretty great dragon. Flying is fun. I think fire is pretty. I’d happily recline on a pile of gold. My evil laugh is, like, 84% there. When I started playing Hungry Dragons on my phone a few weeks ago and my suspicions were confirmed.

As phone games go, I really enjoy this one. It’s a simple concept – you fly around and eat everything. You get to breathe fire when you eat enough things (birds, goblins, cows, people, etc) and the large map is scattered with secret areas. Some areas are blocked off to smaller dragons and the more you play, the larger the dragons you unlock.

Flying around, eating everything in sight, breathing fire and causing chaos is a great cathartic release. There is a significant range of dragons too. I’m excited to unlock the reaaaally big ones.

It’s not perfect. Monetisation tactics are scatted throughout. But it is free-to-play, and seems quite lovingly made so I am happy to be forgiving on that part. Also, there is only one map. The game get a bit repetitive if you are stuck on the same sized dragon for a while.

Still, I can’t help but let out an evil cackle as I play. Ultimately, is the sign of a good game in my book.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat goblins. I’m a bit peckish.


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