It’s no secret that I have a lot of games.

Harvest Moon DS – my first game in this series!

I’m a game designer. It’s for research.

Also, I like games.

Problem is: with the constant output of games every year, it’s a bit of a drain on the finances to keep up to date with everything.

To try and calm the urge to buy new games/tech (and protect my wallet) I am going to go through some of my current games collection and write about them on here. Study them a bit. Think about them a bit harder than perhaps I did when I initially played them. It gives me something to blog about (something I am always struggling to do) and could be fun!

The first game I am going back to is Harvest Moon DS. It’s a classic of the Harvest Moon series (which inspired one of my favourite games ever: Stardew Valley). I realise that I’ve never really sat down and dedicated a large amount of time to it. This is about to change.

I’m going to be posting about my experiences on this game in the next few posts as I go back through it and… I was going to say ‘critically examine’ it, but it won’t be anything very fancy. I just want to remind myself what I liked so much about it. Maybe poke fun at it a bit. Also, look at other games around the game.

For example: did you know that there was a ‘girl’ version of this game called Harvest Moon DS Cute? It was basically the same game, but you played a girl in one and a boy in the other! Neither is more cute than the other. It’s false advertising!

Ahem… I digress.

I have so many games to play and each one is a journey.

So let’s begin!


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