I’m taking part in my first Game Jam this Friday!

A Game Jam is where teams of game creators get together and try to make a game as fast as possible in a limited time with limited resources. This one is slightly different because I will be taking part as a team of one. The jam is also about one of my favourite things – Interactive Fiction! Woo hoo!

This game jam is being run by Sub-Q magazine. The rules are that you have a month (quite a long time considering these jams usually are done in 3 or 4 days) to write an interactive fiction that is only 1000 words in length. That’s really short in interactive fiction terms. I am both really excited and nervous.

They release the theme of the jam this Friday. It’s going to determine what the game I write will be about.

In preparation, I’ve been looking over my older IF that I have written in the past. Most have been ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ type things, but recently I’ve been trying to get a bit more experimental. I want to try and incorporate some programming and CSS if I have time.

I’ve never really finished an IF project – so hopefully this will let me do that.

Bring on Friday! Let’s get started!


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