The second draft of this children’s book I am writing has been a challenge.

By ‘a challenge’, I mean a sweary, anxiety-fuelled, scribbly, dribbly challenge.

I have set so many deadlines for myself to get it done, and I have missed all of them. Every time I missed one, I felt worse. The first deadline was the end of May.

Why so many deadlines? Re-writes.

I had a massive crisis when I began this draft. I got it in my mind that I wasn’t funny enough. Therefore, the ‘funny’ story I was writing was awful and dull and children who read it would literally die of boredom. I didn’t want that. Think of the reviews…

Although I call this the second draft, it is probably closer to the fifth. I just didn’t think that the story had enough life. Even the characters seemed bored with what I was throwing at them.

I am celebrating this win. This glorious, chocolate-coated -with-a-side-of-vanilla-ice-cream win.

Do I want to re-write the whole novel? Yes. So much.

Am I going to? No.

There is a time where you just have to call it quits.

When I finished writing this draft, I had a smile on my face and was shaking with excitement. That, to me, is the best time to call it a day.

Now to send this draft off to the editor and set off into the first draft of my next book!

Je suis drôle !

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