I’m currently listening to the new poetry podcast by Stranger Thing’s actor Dacre Montgomery. His deep, soft voice, it turns out, leads to some soothing poetry readings.

I’m also trying to focus on not working – which turns out to be exceptionally difficult. I have already checked my email twice this morning.

Last weekend, the conference I have been coordinating for the last half-year, Creative Bridges International, took place. It’s been a build up of constant work and pressure. I’ve had health issues due to stress – both mental and physical. And now, after two spectacular days it’s all over.

I’ve found myself at a loose end.

I’ve noticed in a lot of the post-conference chatter, a lot of the delegates talking about next steps. What they have taken away from the conference and what they will do with.

I guess I need to start doing something similar. So I’ll start right here, right now. What are my next steps?

My work with Lapidus International has grown over the last two years. What began as an administration job has grown around my life and set roots in unexpected ways.

I’ve found myself front and centre on events to do with subjects I consider well beyond my limited understanding. I’ve helped publish books (Lapidus International’s new ebook, A Moment of Kindness, coming very soon!), I’ve helped research on an international scale, I’ve made friends, formed connections.

So, Where Next?

I’ve been thinking about it, and I have realised I have a need to get things done as fast as possible.

When I began this blog post, it was to lay out my next steps for working with Lapidus International. I was going to have long paragraphs on each of these points:

  • Start online webinars/courses with Lapidus
  • Form a research network from conference attendees
  • Begin a new spoken word competition with Lapidus
  • Re-do the Lapidus website so it isn’t so hard to navigate.

But now I realise this isn’t the right move. I’ve struggled to decompress after this conference because of a great need to not lose momentum. I keep telling myself that if I don’t act now, everything will be lost.

I even found myself beginning to plan the next conference – even though that won’t be for another two years (if it even happens).

But is that the best next step? No.

Actual Next Steps

I need to give myself permission to stop working for a while.

I have a cold coming on, I can feel it. My throat is scratchy, my head is hurting. This usually happens after periods of great stress. It’s my body telling me I need a break. I don’t listen to my body enough.

So, for now I have my next steps figured out: Netflix. Cup of tea. Wrapped in a blanket.

Beyond that? Well, the future of words for wellbeing is looking very exciting!



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