Tomorrow is the day we are leaving for Krakow, Poland and the service book for the boiler has gone missing.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem. My wife and I would search and either find it, or not. We would grumble about how messy our apartment is. I would accuse her of having too many piles of paper stacked around the place. She would remind me that I also have piles of paper stacked around the place. It would be generally agreed that we have too much paper and that it is stacked in too many places.

But, the fact that tomorrow is the day that we are going to Krakow means that this missing service book is an anomaly in the perfect timetable that we have planned in the run up to travelling. We just want to pack, do some work and then drive to my Auntie’s house on the other side of the country. Simple. Now, however, every thing has been shunted out of place. FIND THE BOOK has become the priority, shortly followed by stress about not finding the book and then do some work while thinking about the book and how it is missing.

I’ve never been good at travelling. Before every trip, I go into an tense mood where I feel like an elastic band stretched between two grubby fingers. At any moment I could pop and hit little Tommy Filkins in the eye – blinding him for life.

Every second, questions buzz around my head:

Do I have enough underwear?

Do I have enough t-shirts?

What if it rains?

What if it’s hot?


I don’t ever remember having a service book for our boiler.

I’m not sure that we even have a boiler.

So, our mighty adventure begins on a rather strained note. I’m actually looking forward to leaving the country behind tomorrow and beginning a new adventure. I guess, in a way, that’s quite positive.

Maybe the boiler book will turn up in Poland. You never know.

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