It’s Spring Thing 2019 – a Festival of Interactive Fiction (and I love interactive fiction!) so the next few posts are going to be about games I have played this year during the festival and my thoughts around them.

First up –


Play it here

The author of this game, Martyna “Lisza” Wasiluk, describes Quiet as:

“A simple premise—‘what if dialogue options but: no words’—quickly and quite naturally turned into an exploration of the consequences of not saying those words, of what is missing. It’s so easy to stay silent, stay vague—speaking out when it matters takes no small amount of courage, and is nothing if not a necessity.

Hopefully, a bit of a cold shower for the quiet people. I know it was for me.”

Intriguing, no? I certainly thought so. This is why I chose this game to begin my ‘Spring Thing’ experience this year.

Quiet is a Twine game. It’s a conversation between your character and a friend, but the player can only answer in emoticons. A really clever way to explore this topic, and it is delivered very well.


The vague answers of the protagonist draw some ire from the friend – and to my surprise, I found that they drew some from me as well. What did I mean? I knew as much as the friend. (On a few occasions though, the friend knew more. I wasn’t sure what the emoticon I was clicking on actually meant!)

Wasiluk has used this game to send a very powerful message. The main character’s (possible) anxiety, their reluctance to speak, their reactions are all delivered simply through punctuation marks – and it hits home stronger than I expected it would.


It made me think and it made me feel without uttering a word.

I really loved it. A strong start for this year!


Go give it a go now, especially if you’re the quiet type!

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