I like Twitter.

As a micro-blogging platform, it’s a nice idea. You can find your tribe, support each other, share links and post a gif or two to make people laugh. That’s how I use it, anyway. I’m a big fan of #WritingCommunity, which regularly shares advice on writing and getting published.

However, Twitter isn’t perfect. In fact, it is far from perfect. I was just watching this TED talk the other day by Jon Ronson about how Twitter inspires a tribe mentality to attack and shame people.

My problem with Twitter, however, are the Twitter moments.

If you’re not a Twitter user, a ‘moment’ is a collection of tweets on a particular topic. In Twitter’s words: ‘Moments are curated stories showcasing the very best of what’s happening on Twitter.‘. You can read their article about Moments here.

Taking a Moment

Here is my problem: every time I open the Twitter app, I will, at some point, end up seeing the moments section. It’s unavoidable. The Moments are linked to the search button, so every time I look up something – POW – moments are thrown in my face.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if the moments were enjoyable. But this is rarely the case.

If it isn’t the latest disaster in the political world, it is someone who has died, or a storm raging somewhere or, as Jon Ronson talked about, a shame attack on someone.

The Moments are sensationalist news at its most prominent. It’s the end of the world every time.. Twitter offers no way to choose the content that is shown (I would choose nothing to be show) or a way to stop Moments from appearing on your app.

Every time I click on on the search button (sometimes by accident) it is a hit to my anxiety. It is one more reason that the world is doomed. It doesn’t feel good.

Take a break

So I guess I need to take a break from Twitter. I’ve hit that point. But, as a social media marketer, that is easier said than done!

I’m limiting my social media use to work hours only and the rest of the time? Well, I’ll put my phone away and curl up with a good book.

I’m going to start researching how we can use social media/ technology without it impacting our well-being. These things should be fun to use, right? It should be a place of joy and sharing, not of anxiety and pain.

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