We knew it would happen one day, but I never wanted to admit it. My obsession with buying notebooks has it a point were it is becoming unmanageable. I have lost some writing. It’s not very important writing. Nothing official. Nothing that is contracted. But it still hurts, you know?

I spent a lot of time writing an interactive fiction story which I was going to build in Twine. I decided to write out as much of it by hand as possible first as I regularly get muddled up when I am writing IF and lose the thread of my story (possibly a topic for a future blog post…)

I wrote half of it. Probably the longest IF I’ve actually written to date. I was looking to get it finished and to share it on this website. So many plans.

But here is the main problem: the story is in one of my many incomplete notebooks, but I don’t know which one. I’ve started making a list of the notebooks I have, each with a funny name that I understand, to try and track how many I have and what is in each one.

Here is a little snippet of the list:

  • Ugly Carpet Notebook – Children’s Writing (Novels)
  • Ugly Brown Notebook – Children’s Writing (Novels)
  • Ugly Cork Notebook – Scribbles, doodles and research
  • Red Fishy Notebook – Too pretty to write in
  • Meeting Notebook – Work Meeting Notes
  • Tiny Lines – Still empty
  • Blue idea – Ideas for graphic novels and short stories
  • Baby Pepper – YA Novel in progress
  • Quote notebook – Current Children’s Novel in progress
  • DareWrite Notebook – IF, Children’s poetry, scribbles
  • BlankBrown Notebook – Sketches, Children’s Poetry

And this list doesn’t even include my sketchbooks.

Not pictured: My partner telling me to stop throwing notebooks on the floor.

So, starting from now I am NOT BUYING ANYMORE NOTEBOOKS. I am going to finish the ones I have and then move on to a more controlled notebook filing system.

(Did that sound legit? Yeah, I didn’t believe me either. Oh well.)


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