It was one of those unexpected twists of life.

Somebody contacted me through this very website over the winter break. What was perhaps the most interesting thing about that is how they weren’t a spam bot, but a real-life actual human being!

That very not-spam-bot person was children’s author Katrina Kahler. She wanted to know if I was interested in writing a children’s book with her (potentially books!)

I’ve worked with Katrina in a slightly different capacity before (I have a copy of her series Body Swap at home with a wonderful dedication to me in the front.) The number of books she has published is somewhere around the uncountable stage, so to have her offer to work with me was a bit mind- boggling.

I tried to stay calm and professional while bouncing around the room to respond to her message.

Long story short, I’m back at the writer’s desk, pen firmly in hand, writing a series which is hopefully as funny as it is exciting! Something with video games, adventure, and a lot of jokes.

More information coming soon!

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