Today is one of those days. One of those ‘send out one hundred and fifty marketing emails and then notice the spelling mistake’ days.

I’ve come to this blog right now to stop myself from going into the spiral of beating myself up. It can result in the whole day being ruined. I need to own my mistake and move on. It was such a small, easily missed spelling mistake that there is nothing I can really do. I don’t want to send out another one hundred and fifty emails saying ‘sorry, it’s these instead of there‘.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that people are quite forgiving of the little things. There won’t be a mob armed with pitchforks banging on my front door demanding blood because of a little mistake – even though it might feel that way.

I just need to take a breath, maybe have a glass of water, and move on. These are the kind of moments that are good to write in a journal about. There is a journal in my desk drawer, right next to me, for just these moment.

What would I do different next time? What are the positives of this experience?

The biggest positive is, of course, I just sent out one hundred and fifty emails. The word is getting out there. I am one step closer to my goal. That, at the end of the day, is the most important thing.

Not some silly spelling mistkae.

How do you deal with mistakes? Got a special trick to make yourself feel better?

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