This year, at the NAWE conference, I attended an amazing workshop run by Carole Bromley all about writing children’s poetry.

It was quite an intense hour and a half. She got us to write a selection of children’s poems in different forms and then read them out to the group. Terrifying! I felt very nervous at first as I was sat across from some very talented poets, but jokes and laughter quickly helped calm the room.

I’ve never considered myself a poet but, after the workshop was over I began to think that being a poet for children might be a lot of fun. We shall see. I’m excited to give it more of a go.

I thought I would share some of the poems I wrote in the workshop with you here. I also encourage you to go out and buy all of Carole’s books!

The first poem we wrote was about a special place we used to go when we were a child – I always liked to hide under my bed.

Hiding Under My Bed

Is where I love to go
I’ll get down on my knees,
ACHOO! the dust will make me sneeze.
I squeeze myself up tight
until I fit just right.
Hidden, where no one would know,
that’s where I love to go.

Next up: thinking about a place we used to hide little treasures as a child. She got us to list a few random objects we would hide in there, and then think of one thing slightly more abstract to slip into there as well. I remember I once found an old sock of my fathers, which was far too big for me to wear, but perfect for hiding little treasurers, so I came up with this:

Dad’s old sock

Dad’s old sock is as long as my arm.
It’s where I stash my lucky charms.

A milky bar that’s out of date.
A broken watch that’s always late.

A bright, red car without any wheels,
and other parts of toy automobiles.

And a little toy bear, who is the best of them all.
He helps me feel big when I’m told I am small.

Finally, we had some fun with nursery rhymes. Carole has written a poem filled with these (also check out her hilarious version of Goldilocks here). Mine wasn’t that great, but I’m putting it here anyway for the memories!


Twinkle, twinkle little star,
I wish I had a brand new car.
A ferrari that drives really fast.
The engine ROARS as I drive past.
Twinkle, twinkle little star…
walking home is really far.

Thank you again to Carole for such an amazing session. I feel really inspired and my pen is busy playing with more poems to share in the future!

Do you like writing or reading children’s poetry? Let me know some of your favourites below!




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