After clearing out three bags of books from my flat and donating them to local charity shops and I can say that – yes, I think I like this whole ‘minimalism’ idea.

I discovered minimalism a few weeks back when I stumbled across this website. The idea of a owning less and living more really appealed to me.

Our bookshelves here are always full to the brim. As a pair of writers, my wife and myself frequently purchase books to read and it’s getting a bit… crowded. The thought of sorting through the books and donating them seemed like too much of a challenge at first and I quickly thought of giving up.

But, after a particularly stressful day of working, I started to tidy. I began putting books we had read into piles, and those piles ended up in bag and, very quickly, those bags were taken to town and donated to a charity shop.

Could I have tried to sell them? Sure! But it would have taken more time. The flat would then have been cluttered for longer. Also this way I get to have the good feeling inside that I have potentially helped someone.

I’m surprised by how effective the whole process has been. A cluttered space is absolutely a cluttered mind. Seeing spaces on my bookshelves is wonderful and makes me smile!

Next up is my desk. Frequently turned into a pit to store things, I have set my sights on making my desk a neat and manageable work station. An unexpected benefit of all this is that cleaning has started to become an almost meditative practice for me. When I take breaks from work, I use them to do the washing up, or vacuum the floor, or clean something else. The physical act of cleaning helps to settle my mind.

As a self care method, it’s very useful.

Unfortunately, my flat is still a mess. I’m equally messy and tidy – a balanced soul!

What do you think of minimalism? A good idea? Or maybe you have a better one? Let me know your thoughts!


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