I was recently in Edinburgh with my wife. While exploring the city – which is dripping with history, haggis and Harry Potter shops – an idea struck me.

I was facing the problem that I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in my career (or this website.) A next step seemed impossible. I kept separating myself into different roles (see my last blog post) and as a result, I was struggling to find a purpose. What did I want to do? What should I focus on?

If you visited my website before, you’ll notice that I have a new look and a new name! Allow me to present to you:

Runaway Weasel Creative

My new business!

I am combining my many different roles into one weasel-shaped package. I will offer writing services, event management, marketing, website support and more.  Simply offering one wasn’t working for me – so I am offering them all!

I will be updating this over the next few months with information about what services I am offering –  until then feel free to get in touch and ask. I’m happy to help!


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